Based in beautiful Quito, Ecuatrust is here to provide help and support to those who choose to move to Ecuador. Moving to a new country can be a challenge, but we believe that we can help make it much less stressful. Providing a wide range of services, Ecuatrust is owned and managed by Anna Kuper.

Having grown up in Venezuela, Ms. Kuper has held a number of executive positions within the petroleum industry there, having been employed with companies such as Occidental Petroleum, British Petroleum, and Baker Hughes. Part of her responsibilities in these positions involved procuring resident visas for workers in the petroleum industry, and it was in working in this area that she developed her interest in the visa process.
Most recently employed in Ecuador for a company involved in the business of providing visas, Ms. Kuper has extensive knowledge in the rules, regulations and procedures for obtaining visas in Ecuador.
In addition to her expertise in the realm of visas and immigration matters, her business background has left her eminently qualified to provide assistance in all facets of relocating to Ecuador. Believing in personalized service and establishing a good relationship with her clients, Ms. Kuper is available to help with things such as locating a residence, negotiating a lease, showing you the best places to shop, to name only a few.