What Ecuatrust Will Do For You

To reside permanently in Ecuador, you must have a permanent residency visa. When you first enter the country you are given a tourist visa in the form of a stamp in your passport. You can renew that visa, but only once. After that you must leave or have obtained a permanent residency visa.

While Ecuador has implemented a system of visas designed to make it possible for virtually anyone who so chooses to obtain permanent residency, there are nonetheless procedures and requirements to be complied with. For someone new to the country, or wishing to begin the visa application process before they arrive, they process can be intimidating and overwhelming.  

Ecuatrust is here is make that process as easy as possible for you.

With extensive knowledge and experience in working with visa and the application process, Ecuatrust will:

Help You Plan and Decide
Before anything else, discuss with you the various options and choices for a permanent visa. Just because you qualify for a retiree visa for example, does not mean that a professional visa may not be the better fit. We will discuss with you the requirements for each visas that you might consider as well as the advantages and disadvantages.

Guide you in Gathering Documents
Whether or begin the process before arriving, or wait until you get to Ecuador, you will have to gather documents of various kinds  - everything from birth certificate, to criminal background checks, to school transcripts. Many of these documents must be apostilled or authenticated, and all must be translated into Spanish.  Ecuatrust is here to help with that. From determining with you what documents you will require, to providing you the information you need to gather them.

Assemble  Your Visa Application.
Once you arrive in Ecuador, and all the necessary documents are collected, Ecuatrust will assemble everything necessary to be submitted to the Immigration Office.  Our representatives will accompany you to have documents notarized as necessary in Ecuador, obtain the necessary local documents, and accompany you to the respective offices, providing translator services as necessary.

Submit Your Application
When all the necessary papers are ready, it’s time to go to Immigration and actually apply for your visa, and Ecuatrust will be right there with you. We will translate for you as you are interviewed by the Immigration agent, help answer any questions that might be asked of you, and help make any corrections necessary to your application or documents.

Obtain Your Cedula
Once you have your permanent visa, the next and final step is to obtain your national identification card or cedula. You will need to this to do virtually anything in Ecuador from renting an apartment to opening a bank account, to getting utility service. Again, Ecuatrust will accompany you to the Registrar where your new visa will lead to the creation of your cedula.

The process of moving to Ecuador does not end when you have your visa and cedula in hand.

You have to decide where to live, where to shop, where to bank.

If you own plan to purchase a car you will need an Ecuadoran driver’s license.
Ecuatrust can help you with all of these things.
We can help you find a semi-permanent place to live while you look around for that perfect place.
We can help you decide where in your town or city will be the best place to live. What neighborhoods are safe, which are over-priced and which are most sought after.
We can help you negotiate a lease, pointing out what to look for with a potential Ecuadoran landlord.
We can show you where to shop – where the best deals are on fresh meat, fish and vegetable (hint: it’s not the supermarket….)
We can  accompany you to open a bank account – giving you the advantages and disadvantages of the various banks.
This is just a partial list. You can think of Ecuatrust as not only your visa facilitator, but as where you turn for just about anything you need help with in moving and getting established in Ecuador.

In the process of helping you with  your move to Ecuador, we try to keep our fees as reasonable as possible. Below is a summary of our fees for the most popular services. Please note, that these are our fees, and do not include fees payable to government agencies, and incidental costs such as notary fees, document translation, etc.

To provide all listed services for obtaining a permanent visa based on a pension, investment, or professional qualifications, including obtaining a cedula, is $500. Please note that this fee does not include government charges (currently $550 for most visas), or charges such as translation fees ($15/page) or notary fees.

Other services are provided on an hourly or per task basis and will be quoted as requested. Just ask!