Visas in Ecuador

While a temporary visa allows you to remain in the country for a defined, and relatively short period of time, if you decide to make Ecuador your place of residence, you will need to acquire a permanent visa.

Ecuador has done just about everything that it can to welcome foreigners seeking a new home and permanent residency.  If you will study the listing of visas below you will see that there is a permanent or long term visa available in Ecuador to cover just about every situation. It is clear that Ecuador welcomes you and while there is always the obligatory red tape to wade through, they have made it as easy as possible to make Ecuador your new home.

I.          Visas Based on Income

In Ecuador a permanent visa is available to those who can demonstrate that they have sufficient income to support themselves and their dependents. There are two options for this kind of visa:

A.         Rentista – Foreign Pension   Visa 9- I

This is the visa that a large portion of the people retiring in Ecuador seek and obtain. Some people refer to it as a retirement or pensionista visa, but being retired is not a requirement. Nor is there any age limit. All that is required is a demonstration of a regular income from outside of Ecuador and,  as with all permanent visas, a clear criminal background check. This is a visa that will allow you to remain in Ecuador indefinitely. Click here for the specific requirements of this visa.

B.         Rentista – Escrow or Trust  Visa 9-I

This visa is a variation of the Foreign Pension Visa, intended for those who do not have a regular monthly income but have funds available from which to generate income. Essentially by putting an amount (currently$48,000) on deposit. Click here for the specific requirements of this visa.


II.         Visas Based on Investment  

An alternative to a regular income, or escrow, Ecuador offers visas based on investment. There are two options.

A.         Deposit of Cash or Purchase of Property. Visa 9-II

This visa is granted on the basis the deposit of the required amount ($25,000 as of 1/1/17) into a bank or credit union, or,  the purchase of property having the same value.  If property is acquired and sold, the funds must be deposited. Deposited funds must be kept on deposit to keep the visa in force. Click here for the specific requirements of this visa.

B.         Investment in Stocks or a Business in Ecuador. Visa 9-III

This visa is granted on the basis of an investment of a minimum amount ($30,000 as of 1/1/17) into certain types of business in Ecuador. It can be by purchase of stock or other interest of an existing business, or in a business that you start. Click here for the specific requirements of this visa.


III.        Visas for Managers and Directors of Businesses.

Ecuador offers permanent visas, Visa 9-IV for persons in management positions with companies and businesses either established in Ecuador, or in the process of being created. These visas are not common and are more specialized. Contact us if you require more specific information on these visas.


IV.        Professional Visas. Visa 9-V

In addition to offering visas based on income or investment, Ecuador offers a permanent visa on the basis of professional or educational qualifications. Generally, a college degree, or some form of advanced training certification will be required, and this must be registered with the National Secretariat of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation. Click here for the specific requirements of this visa.


Other Visas.

The visas listed above are those that are most likely to be of interest to those seeking to relocate to Ecuador from countries in North America or Europe. There are other visas, such as the Visa 9-VI for those related by blood or marriage to citizens of Ecuador, and Visa 9-VII for persons coming from Venezuela or MERCOSUR countries. We can provide information on these visas upon request.